Studying in HeidelbergCost of Living

The standard of living in the Federal Republic of Germany is high and, consequently, are the costs and expenses needed to be able to share in that standard. You should reckon with monthly expenses totalling at least Euros 800 to 1000. Your will find that this will allow you only a very modest lifestyle. At the moment state-maintained higher education institutions charge a tuition fee of Euros 500 per semester. In addition, there are several costs, listed below, which arise through studying.

Proof of Financial Means

Most foreign students study in Germany without a scholarship or grant. Hence, you are strongly advised to critically assess your own financial means early and realistically. The German foreign missions or aliens registration authorities must be convinced that you have sufficient financial means at your disposal to cover your cost of living for your whole study duration in Germany.

Study Materials

Further costs arise, for example, for the purchase of books and study materials. Depending on the discipline studied, these can easily amount to between Euros 250 and Euros 350 and more per semester. Furthermore, most degree courses today are inconceivable without the use of a personal computer (PC). However, if you do not have your own PC at your disposal, most faculties, schools and departments, or the computer centre, will have a pool of university computers available for use.

No Chance for Working Students

You must not plan on financing your studies by working in Germany. The German authorities adhere strictly to the employment legislation applicable to foreign students in Germany. Any violation may lead to immediate expulsion from Germany.

Although students from EU countries may work in Germany, jobs are hard to find. Scholarship holders and foreign students who are not citizens of an EU country may only earn a kind of pocket-money; such work is carefully monitored. Please ensure that you give serious consideration to the proof of financial means.

Each university has a Studentenwerk, a student services organisation, which provides social facilities, such as the student refectory, cafes, student halls of residence and sports facilities. All students pay social contributions for the use of these facilities. At present this amounts to atleast Euros 30 per semester. In addition to collecting the Studentenwerk contributions, some higher education institutions also collect a payment of up to around Euros 92, depending on the respective town, for the so-called Semester Ticket, which entitles students to free-of-charge use of local public transport in and around their university town for six months.