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Applicants who have submitted their application documents to the International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) at Heidelberg University may request to be issued a confirmation of application, stating that their application has been received. This document can only be issued

  1. if all of the required application documents have been submitted in due time and form and
  2. if the programme applied for is offered at Heidelberg University.

To request a confirmation of application, please fill in the appropriate form which you have received together with the application forms. The document you will be issued is an official confirmation that your application documents have been received by the University in due form; you can use this document when applying for a visa with the German diplomatic representation. It is prohibited to enter Germany on a tourist visa when intending to study there. If you need further information, please contact the respective German diplomatic or consular representation. There are different types of visa for students and researchers on long-and short-term stays. Please go to visa information German Embassy New Delhi and read the information carefully.


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