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New Humboldt FellowDr. Bhattacharjee to join as Humboldt Fellow in spring 2023

Dr. Arnab Bhattacherjee is an Associate Professor at the School of Computational and Integrative Sciences (SCIS), Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. His research interest is understanding the organization of the genome, and its role in modulating the binding of transcription and other DNA binding factors, thus, the differential gene expressions in diseased and normal cells through analytical and novel multiscale computer simulation techniques. The related questions are some of the complex, multi-layered unsolved challenges in molecular biology, the solutions of which have far-reaching potential in genome engineering and in unraveling the molecular determinants of various genetic diseases.

Dr. Bhattacharjee will join team of Prof. Dieter Heermann as Humboldt Fellow in spring 2023.

Portrait Dr. Bhattacharjee