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Studying in Heidelberg

Heidelberg is world-famous for its castle and picturesque old town, for the romantic environment of the Neckar valley and, of course, for its University.

Founded in 1386, the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, is Germany's oldest university. In the course of its more than 600 years' history the University has established itself as a center of excellent research and teaching, where many renowned scholars and scientists - among them eight Nobel laureates - worked and still work. Today 28,000 students study at its 12 faculties. 5,200 foreign students from 130 different countries as well as hundreds of visiting professors and researchers contribute to its international atmosphere.

The University of Heidelberg offers a wide range of high quality study programs in the life sciences, the natural sciences, law, economics, the social sciences and the humanities. In addition to the regular courses of study the University has introduced a number of specific graduate programs for international students that are taught in English. Last but not least, each year the International Summer School of German Language and Culture attracts 600 international students to Heidelberg.

The university has 12 faculties as well as research centers for Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Neurosciences, Astronomy, Interdisciplinary Scientific Computing, South Asian Studies and American Studies. In addition, 12 Collaborative Research Centers have been established which are funded by the German Research Council. Independent institutions in Heidelberg like the German Cancer Research Center, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and four Max- Planck-Institutes add to a research environment that is unique in Germany.