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5th Heidelberg Lecture

Location: New Delhi 
Prof. Hans Georg Bock, Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing, delivered the 5th Heidelberg Lecture, titled"…we need this to remain competitive…Mathematical Methods for 21st Century" in New Delhi. 
He explained Mathematical modeling, simulation and optimization are becoming an ever more powerful methodology for understanding and mastering the challenges of present day’s research from science and engineering to medicine and the humanities. This methodology has also developed into an indispensable “enabling technology” that provides a significant potential for innovative industrial solutions. The complex real world problems of today require much more than the standard methods that one finds in the textbooks and demand the development of new intelligent algorithms. The presentation highlighted challenges and success stories, where innovative mathematical research was stimulated by the demands of industry and led to immediate economic benefit in the applications.
The methods discussed covered parameter estimation and calibration of nonlinear dynamical models, new mathematics to optimize expensive experiments for model validation, real time algorithms for nonlinear mixed-integer dynamical process control, hybrid models with discontinuities, and the consideration of uncertainties in the underlying models. Applications were given from aerospace, automotive, chemical and power industries.
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