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Internship Platform

Internships are crucial for career orientation and applicability of knowledge and skills taught in Higher Education Institutions. Thus one of the core services Heidelberg Centre South Asia (HCSA) provides is the internship platform. This platform not only hosts information on internship opportunities both in Germany and South Asia, but aims at building connections that are important for developing and maintaining a strong professional network for the future to students and faculty from Germany and South Asia. The internship platform serves as a first step to link up with the corporate sector in Germany as well as in South Asia, which should be expanded into the area of research cooperation with R&D active companies and possible corporate funding of research and/or mobility of students and faculty.

Complementary to the internship platform we offer an all round information package to students and faculty including all one needs to know about studying in South Asia/Germany (what to study and where, credit transferability, how to apply, how to get the right visa etc., cultural dos and don'ts, student facilities and costs of living etc). This information is aimed at enabling students and researchers to make informed choices and avoid the most common traps while preparing their stay abroad.


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Internship Platform

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