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Workshop on Air Pollution and Health


Location: New Delhi 
Health Airpollution

Heidelberg Centre South Asia, South Asia Institute, Indian Institute for Tropical Meteorology, Indian Chest Foundation, both in Pune, and the

Health and Demographic Research Center in Vadu, in collaboration with Friedrich Naumann Foundation, organized a workshop on ‘Urbanisation, Climate Change and Health’, part of HCSA series of initiatives and events on Smart Cities. The workshop took place at the German House for Research and Innovation, on October 26. The workshop was inaugurated by Mr. Stephan Lanzinger, Head Science and Technology, the German Embassy. The technical sessions covered a wide range of subjects, such as Air Quality of Indian Mega Cities and Prediction System (Dr. Gufran Beig, Project Director SAFAR, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune),  Climate Change and Health - Ongoing efforts at PHFI (Dr. Banalata (Bono) Sen, Advisor, Center for Environmental Health, Public Health Foundation of India) or a comprehensive overview of the GIZ efforts in this field, given by Dr. Winfried Damm (Programme Director, GIZ). The main purpose of the workshop was to initiate and deepen the Indo-German exchange and collaboration in health and pollution. The participants discussed and agreed upon submitting a research proposal either with a German or an European funding agencies in 2017. 
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